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Electrical Work


Hiring electricians in Singapore can be troublesome.  Maintenance and Repair tasks related to a residential or commercial building is a very expert and dedicated job.

“Team of Best and Top-notch Singapore Electricians”

Mn-works provide 24/7 Dedicated expertise for any type of electricity-related work with excellent skills and experience fulfilling the requirements of our modern Singapore electricity-driven society.

  • Assure your work to be done in no time.
  • No room for error in the job.
  • Trained Singapore Electrician with expert skills.
  • Technical know-how staff for service anytime.
  • Extensive knowledge of electrical faults in electrical appliances.
  • All electricians good enough to read blueprints and technical schematics.
  • Quick diagnosis of any electrical problem with a solution.


We also support the green energy revolution. According to us electricity is a limitless supply and will always be if we use it correctly. To achieve the Sustainable Singapore Electricity mission, we support solar power technology. Our highly qualified electricians are proficient in incorporating green energy in residential and commercial places.

Mn-works Electricians’ commitment:

  • Long-Lasting and Durable services
  • Cost-efficient electrical solutions
  • Meeting your schedule and project timelines
  • Excellent safety records with ZERO incidents
  • Strictly adhered to code of conduct
  • Professionalism, Integrity, and assurance.
  • Strict quality standards.
  • Prioritize client safety in any manner.

Residential Services :

  • Re-wiring of an entire home
  • Safe Home Automation
  • Power sockets, switching and lighting point’s installation and replacement.
  • Installation of the Distribution box and circuit breakers.
  • Installation of heavy electrical appliances.

Commercial Services :

  • Commercial lightening Installations.
  • Complete office power and electricity projects.
  • Telephone, Data and LAN wiring.
  • CCTV camera installation
  • Safe and secure installations of the circuit box.

Our products:

  • Childproof sockets and outlets, making home secure of an electrical hazard for kids
  • Electrical surge protectors, keep home safe from the electrical or power surges.
  • Up to standard wires and cables 
  • Up-to-date Circuit breakers 
  • Upgraded Electrical panels

 “Electrical Needs is a matter of Trust”

With over 15 years of experience, we make sure continuous safe and satisfying services to meet the demand for technology needs. We never stop improving our skills and keep knowledge up to date.  24/7 dedicated service is always ready to answer each query and concern you have and make sure you are satisfied and happy with the results through our electrical services.

Call us today and schedule a consultation and service at your doorstep from our expert professional crew. You can rest assured that the electrical needs of your residential or commercial purpose, are fully equipped with meeting and surpassing those needs. Dedicated staff who are always ready to listen to questions, complaints, and opinions and act on immediately. We give the best with the highest level of professionalism and integrity with all transparency.

We have a wealth of expertise through which we fast and accurately diagnose the problem areas and can provide quality, safe and cost-efficient solutions.

Our well-qualified, trained and proficient electricians in Singapore are always at your service.

It is our commitment to provide authentic, competent, and highly skilled electrical services at a reasonable and competitive price for all of your electrical maintenance, and installation.

Need an electrical Fix? Give us a call!