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MN Works breathes simplicity into technology with It’s a new generation of IoT Smart Home devices. Connecting to other devices via various wireless protocols such as WiFi and Zigbee, these devices create a smart home residence that enhances lifestyle through comfort, convenience, and security. Utilizing state of the art sensors and excellent power management algorithms, the devices gather and share data on the edge. Powered by either the common USB plugs or coin cell batteries, it allows for placement of sensory devices almost anywhere in the home where it’s needed without the need for massive rewiring works.

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Smart Station

Powerful IR blaster with air quality, temperature, and humidity sensor

Smart Light Switch

Alter the lighting ambience to suit your current mood or ongoing activity

Smart Plug

Provides more flexible control and automation for your home appliances in a safe and remote manner

Smart Water Heater Switch

WiFi Water Heater Switch manages the water heater using your phone, voice control, or the touch panel.

Smart Dimmer Switch

Set the mood and dim the lights smoothly from your phone, or by using voice control or the wall switch.

Smart Systems
Smart Hub

The hub that connects and controls all your Zigbee devices.

Smart Button

Triggers alert as emergency button, or preset scene as programmable button.

Smart Lightbulb

Smart dimmable WiFi Bulb, controllable via app or voice

Smart Ceiling Light

Dimmable and Tunable WiFi Ceiling Light with added Night Light feature.

Smart LED Flex Strip

Flexible and convenient, for various decorative lighting applications.

Smart Systems
Smart Curtain

WiFi Motorised Curtain System for Easy Opening & Closing.

Curtain Remote Control

convenient device to control up to four Kyla Smart Curtain and Smart Roller Blinds.

Smart Battery-Powered Curtain

Battery-Powered Motorised Curtain System for Easy Opening & Closing.

Smart Motion Sensor

Get alerted anywhere in the world if someone or something is moving around in your home.

Smart Roller Blind

Motorised Blind for Enhanced Privacy & Comfort.

Smart Systems
Smart Door and Window Sensor

Zigbee Door and Window Sensor provides added home security with alerts on entry/opening.

Smart Smoke Sensor

The Smart Smoke Sensor uses the latest photoelectric technology to detect smoke.


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