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A reliable Wifi signal is precious. As soon as you start moving away from the router, the Wifi signal starts to drop entering the dark zone gradually where signals fade out. In that situation, you might wonder how you can improve your Wifi signal at home.

As a certified company, Mn-works reinforce and extend your current Wifi network. Building on your prevailing internet service, we will amplify your Wifi. We utilize reliable, field-tested hardware components to provide your home a fast and secure Wifi.

Call us and we ensure your super flying Wifi in no time!

Depending on the size of the home and its layout, you may find spots where the Wifi signal is not as strong as it should be. Here are some tips to improve your home Wifi:

How to increase Wifi coverage.

Keep your router to a central point in the home.

Position your router on the high floor.

Place router away from the thick wall and other obstacles.

How to increase your Wifi speed.

Speed test your router frequently

Check often for interferences.

Reboot and update the router once a month.

Reducing interference

Interference can reduce router performance and speed. Items such as cordless phones and gadgets, large home appliances and halogen lamps can cause interference. The Neighbor’s Wifi channel can be one of the reasons.

Disconnect all devices to the Wifi and then check the performance.

Moving interfering devices away from your router.

Changing bandwidth using QoS settings

Use a different channel from the neighbor.

Upgrade your next-generation Router

Wireless-N (802.11n) and Wireless-AC (802.11ac) are the latest technologies. New systems have data transfer speeds up to three times faster than old models. Another router range 802.11ax provides 256 sub-channels to reduce home Wifi congestion.

Wireless Mesh for large home Wifi coverage

Mesh Wifi utilizes more than one network device to cover your large home with powerful and consistent Wifi signals. It connects to the existing network in no time.

Wifi extender (AKA repeater)

For a modern 802.11ac router, you can use a wireless extender. Extend Wifi throughout your home without worrying about additional cables or complications.

“Strong and Secure”

Our team of highly skilled technicians and staff provides you full 24/7 Wifi support to improve your home Wifi signal. We ensure performance, security, and speed with full coverage, by using certified tools and hardware extensions at the best prices from our official partners.

We believe to make you enjoy your seamless streaming of high-resolution movies no matter in which corner you are in. We love to see your kids happy and enjoying. Doesn’t matter the number of Wifi users at your home and the 

No matter the number of users and the density of their Wifi activities, your Wifi signal will remain strong with no disruptions at any access point and with full coverage at every corner of your home.

Connection security is our priority, we also protect the whole Wifi system at your home from cyber threats and malware.

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